Pal Kshatriya - Other Name for Power and Authority

Pal dynasty has a reference of two rich dynasties in India as Pala Dynasty of Bengal and Pallavas of south India, and being very close to the royal dynasties central ruling powers like kings, sarpanch and tax collectors, Pal Kshatriya also acquired the power to over-rule people of the time. The very history of Pal Kshatriya itself denotes the community as powerful, proud, intractable and dominating race of Rajputs, which do lacks the needed exposure in the present society. We announce to all the followers of Pal-Kshatriya community that, together we can do wonders and let this Pal - Kshatriya Samachar be a platform to integrate our communities’ achievements, recognitions and social commitment to build a prosperous India as a whole.


In the division of Hindu religious community four social orders were established as, Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vaishyas and Shudras. These 4 communities were sub divided into numerous sub communities and Pal - Kshatriya comes as sub division of Kshatriyas, who are meant to perform the physically challenging duties in the past and engaged in profiles of soldiers and warriors. The aim of creating the social order Kshatriya was to protect the world, and we can be proud about ourselves that we are the followers of the community that sacrificed their lives to protect the mother land.


The condition of the community was drastically lowered to pathetic stage after India got freedom in the year 1947, and even after the lapse of 65 golden years of independence, Pal - Kshatriyas are treated as least deserved, least noted and least dominated community in various part of India and the studies show that until the communities itself show their unity and empowerment, there won’t be any change in the attitude of society towards them, so group of Pal-Kshatriyas who really look forward for a shinning India with deserved representation of each community in every field of development, took the first step of uniting Pal-Kshatriya family members under this platform via Pal- Kshatriya Samachar.


मासिक पत्रिका 2017