Through Sharing We Aim Uniting Ourselves

Social commitment of bring the followers of Pal Kshatriya community together under one platform; so that the enlightenment of the internal support and development will be possible is what we aim with this humble step of developing our own community site.

Pal Kshatriya community carries the rich cultural, social and communal legacy that should be appreciated and spread across to make people aware about the existence of such a happening part of society.  The collection of achievements and incidents within our community should be highlighted so that it can be energy boosters for more and more people to get encouraged and motivated to follow the same step of success and achievement which brighten the name of our community as well.


Join hands with Pal-Kshatriya Samachar to Share Achievements of Community

With the rich history of being warriors and part of society building in past, each and every Pal-Kshatriya member have the passion to do something fruitful and adventurous in life. In the field of education, art, science and politics we have our own footprints and in future to establish the name of community in golden words in different arena, we need a platform to aware the world about the deserving names in the community till date. Joining hands with Pal Kshatriya Samachar will bring each one the opportunity to expose their talent and life style to the other part of the society also, which can bring a positive, healthy competition of many other community’s upliftments in terms of contribution to the society.

We are proud to find out that many of our young members show highly appreciable performance in the IPS, Medical and Engineering field, which brings the hope of well build future. We hope for more and more names to be added in the list of most valuable achievers so that the community will came to know as one of the much deserving part of society that should be given equality of rights and duties.

मासिक पत्रिका 2017